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You’re a musician? Your band finally needs a full-featured web presence to present yourselves to bookers, labels, producers or the press? A professional electronic press kit containing a band info, photos, videos, your music and whatever else you need to make professionals take the bait? An online shop so your fans can get a hold of your merchandise at all times? You’re tired of managing a thousand platforms to make sure your band will be found on the net and because you are so busy manicuring all these profiles, you’re lacking the time to work on your sound?

Glad to help you with all of that: Welcome to Deafground.com!

Deafground.com is a portal which enables bands and musicians to control all facets of their digital self-promotion via one channel:

The content for your different online presences is being standardized, deposited only once and can be managed in aggregate form with only one single access.
The best thing about it: Not only can the contents you deposit on Deafground.com be displayed as a publicly visible band profile but also as an electronic press kit with a restricted access, containing extended contents in German and English and featuring download functions for your tracks, photos, artworks or stageriders. And the Deafground Shop is an easy way to get your shirts and records to your fans.

You want to know how much all of that will cost you?
The point is to give you more time again to focus on the one thing, it’s actually all about: Your music!


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