Here you can find information regarding all our business partners.

Worldwide physical distribution: The Rough Trade Distribution GmbH was founded in 1982 as a branch of the british label Rough Trade. The focus originally was the distribution of british of british independent music in Germany. Today Rough Trade works with independet labels and artist of many different genres.
Worldwide digital distribution for NOIZGATE Records: GoodToGo Digital is a service that marks the collaboration of Rough Trade and Groove Attack. Decades of work experience are bundled here to guarantee the best distribution possible.
Worldwide digital Distribution NUVINCI / Deafground Records: finetunes was founded in 2003 and primarily takes care of digital distribution of creative work. A transparent business model is the most important thing for finetunes.
NUVINCI Publishing as a connected music publisher:: The GEMA takes care of the copy right of composers, lyricists and publishers getting recognized, if their music is used by third parties. Therefore you need to be a member of the association.
Connected distributor: The Gesellschaft zur Verwertung von Leistunsschutzrechten (GVL) represents the interests of artists and phonogram producers since 1959. The GVL takes care of the money that is earned by radio airplay, TV broadcasts or public playback, so that it gets transferred to the creator.
Industry partner: PHONONET provides services for music labels and other distributors. The aim here is to simplify and standardise the process of publication, so that cost-effectiveness is preserved.
Industry partner: The Musik Promotion Network garantees journalists an ideal platform for their research, to inform themselves about bands and artists. Music and recent information is always available
Membership: The Verband unabhängiger Musikunternehmen is working for a stronger public sense for the rights of independent labels. The association wants fair competition conditions and  market access for all members.
GS1 Complete partner: Thanks to global item numbers and the EAN-Barcodes of the GS1 are alle products identifiable worldwide. That makes physical distribution a lot easier.
Amazon Advantage Partner: takes all products of their partnes into their repertoire. Therefore all products are available within 24 hours.
Promotion- und Salesservices: Deafground Records is a possible alternative to a classic label-deal at NOIZGATE. Artits rent different services from the areas marketing and promotion, to give their release a professional approach.


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